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January 26 is known to First Nation People as 'Survival Day' or 'Invasion Day' or a 'Day of Mourning'. We do not celebrate. This day is counter-observed due to the significance with dispossession, colonisation and the continued genocide of First Nations People to this day.

The first ever Australia Day celebration was held on 30 July 1915 but by 1916 a new committee decided the new date as 28 July. Before 1888 NSW only celebrated on January 26.

Early in the colony's settlement times January 26 was known and celebrated as 'First Landing Day' or 'Foundation Day'. Then by 1935 all Australian states and the territories were celebrating. During 1946 states and territories made an unofficial agreement to hold unified celebrations. It wasn't until 1994 that January 26 became a public holiday.

Almost as early as it was established as a day to celebrate so too were First Nations People protesting Australia Day.